Allister is an emerging fashion destination for lovers of fine accessories. We sell high-quality products and offer a wide variety of items to suit your personal style. These products include accessories, handbags and men’s & women’s eyewear. We are fully dedicated to designing and producing the highest quality products.

The creator of this growing company is Blair Allister, who for years served as a designer for leading brands around the world. Because of her international experience, Blair brings the best design influences from Scotland, Italy and The United States.

Along with her is Pilar Reyes, who has also been in the eyewear design industry for over a decade. With this collaborative union, they have decided to go a step further in their journey to push the convectional design trends to create new products that are distinctive and unique.


Allister draws from the latest European trends, especially in Scotland and Germany, which are favorite personal references for the designer.

Along with her talented team, Blair is completely dedicated to creating luxurious and modern pieces that will last a lifetime.